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At the same time, a service, like the registration of real estate, for example, is provided within ten workdays, if there is no urgency for which an additional charge is collected. Also, the people can use the public services provided by the Agency by psa is measured by to the multifunctional centers to apply in person during the available working periods.

psa is measured by

But in such a case, priority is given to persons who apply for urgent services and also to older persons, persons with severe and accented disabilities, pregnant women and mothers with children younger than three. The waiting time in the case of appointment scheduling is different. At the multifunctional center situated on Mihai Viteazul St in Chisinau, the closest available day for ordinary cadastral services is December 29, while at the center in Strășeni, for example, the adenom periuretral is available starting with November If the persons have real estate located in the municipality of Chisinau, they can apply for cadastral services at any multifunctional center in the municipality No.

Multifunctional Center No. The legal entities that need to register more than five applications can go to Multifunctional Center No.

psa is measured by

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